Test Prep Pros – $50K Course

November 16, 20201 MinutesBy Alex Rosier

Project Summary

Two years back, my mom (who’s epic!) reached out to me and asked if I could help sell her course.

The course, Test Prep Pros, is a step-by-step program designed to help Tutor Doctor franchisees set up SAT and ACT practices.

Honestly, it’s the best program money can buy if you want to build a test-prep business but aren’t sure how to start.

It provides everything they need to understand, market, and deliver test preparation programs into their business — the highest-margin offering in academic services.

So I helped her with everything needed to sell it.

You can see the final result on this landing page.


Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Messaging, Value Proposition, Copywriting, Landing Page Design, Technical Site Build, Checkout, Photography


Sell courses by identifying the target audience, crafting a compelling story, building a high-converting landing page, and optimizing checkout flow.


Sold nearly 100 units in the first 3 months — far exceeding goal. Earned the featured snippet on Google.

Project Commentary

This was a fun project, and we got big results!

  • Refined the messaging to target audience
  • Created the story
  • Explained the product simply
  • Built landing page design
  • Optimized landing page and checkout process
test prep pros landing page
test prep pros reviews