Project Summary

Transform a 4 month, 1200 clip adventure of a lifetime into a 5 minute short, exciting, and relatable film about what it means to study abroad. My goal was to simulate the experience – inspiring new students to study abroad while creating a tangible memory for those who already had.

April 25, 2019|4 Minutes|By Alex Rosier


Direct, Film, Photography, Edit, Sound Design, Color Correct, Promote, Produce


Take 1,500+ personal and highly varied clips and craft it into a relevant story to the masses about what it means, and feels like to study abroad.


1,400 shares in the first week on Facebook. Shared by Total Sorority Move on their blog. After this project, I actually believed in myself as a creator.

Project Commentary

I strongly believe in the power of travel. In my opinion, having the opportunity to uproot your norm at such a young age goes far deeper than seeing new places.  Studying abroad is a relentlessly educational resource and life experience tool.

I always get nervous showing this piece to others now as there are some, let’s say, “youthful” elements. But I remind myself of the original goal: capture a specific period in time and create a tangible memory.

Study Abroad: The Edit is a film I made over the course of several months. While the videography spanned 10+ countries, the “film” as you see it was very much made in just two places: my college dorm room and the campus library.

The Creative Process of this Piece

I was a weak editor at the start of this project and an entirely different editor after it. The project taught me an important lesson – inspiration is not some floating, one-off miracle – it is the product of continuous action.

The hardest part of learning something new is just getting started. I remember constantly tweaking and re-tweaking certain sequences both on the computer and in my head. There was no specific “creative process.” A lot of my best ideas for new effects, narration, or visual flows happened when I sat down to do the work, or when I was walking to class thinking about the project.

Why I chose this as my first short film

If you’re looking to tackle your first film, it may be important to note here that the core idea if this piece never changed. I wanted to design it to inspire others to swallow their fears and commit to a major life choice (as I know I had my own doubts and nerves to study abroad at the time).

It’s not easy convince people to do something this big, especially if you’ve never previously considered going. But studying abroad had a profound effect on how I see the world, approach the world, and take part in the world, and I wanted others to experience that too! Nothing more complicated than that.


For this trip I brought along a super simple, lightweight package explained below. If you want any advice on making gear selections, just contact me, happy to help.

Software / Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop

Camera Gear Used

Canon 60D, GoPro Hero 4
Rode Video Mic Go
Canon 50mm F1.4, Sigma 17-50 F2.8