Project Summary

Skiing Japan. It’s the powder all riders dream about. Legend has it Jackson Hole, Whistler, Fernie, and Chamonix combined with an SSX Tricky map to make Niseko.

Join the ride from Boston to the snowiest place on planet Earth: Niseko, Japan, in this 11 minute adventure of creative storytelling and in-your-face powder.

This film is a creative skiing film that attempts to capture the INTENSITY that Easties dream about in a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

April 29, 2019|1 Minutes|By Alex Rosier


Direct, Film, Edit, Sound Design, Color Correct, Produce, Promote


Craft a compelling narrative that catered to the audiences of today, not yesterday. Each frame was carefully crafted to hold attention. For this project, I had to take an enormous amount of irrelevant, boring footage from a vacation and craft it into an engaging story.


See for yourself above!

Project Commentary

Japan is like stepping onto a movie set. All your previous ski experiences have been leading up to this…and it just feels right.

This catalogs those feelings and the 48-hour journey to get there.

We skied in Niseko, Japan.

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Software / Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop