Project Summary

This professional documentary is complete with expert interviews, ranging from the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Willard Boyle to founder of Qualcomm, Ray Stata. The film takes a deep and meaningful look at the source of much of the technological and social change in our lives.

April 25, 2019|2 Minutes|By Alex Rosier


Visual Sourcing, Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction


Create a documentary explaining the history of the integrated circuit and how it has transformed our society for the National History Day competition.


Received a handwritten letter from Congressman John Tierney congratulating our team on the work. Awarded 1st place in MA district competition, viewed 25k on YouTube.

Project Commentary

Integrated Circuits have changed the way our society works all the way to its very core. This documentary delves into how this device came to be and how it has sparked tremendous social and economic change.


Nobel Prize winner Dr. Willard Boyle

Billionaire founder of Qualcomm, Ray Stata


We created this documentary in our junior year of high school. Looking back, I cannot believe how much time we spent on it.

150 page annotated bibliography explaining our research.

After submitting our work to a national competition, we received a surprise letter from Congressman John Tierney commending our project.

Team: Andrew Spector, Ben Waldron-Feinstein, Will Kopperl, Nick Taylor, and Alex Rosier.

Special Thanks To: Professor David Mindell, Dr. Stuart Leslie, Professor Blaise W. Liffick, Dr. Eldon C. Hall, Dr. Robert Lucky, T.R. Reid, Frances Cairncross, Paul E. Ceruzzi, Ray Stata, Dr. Thomas Crowley, Dr. Willard Boyle, Dr. Jim Taylor, Professor Mark Csele, and Dr. Irwin Jacobs.

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