Project Summary

Synthesize Drift’s complex value proposition to create a top-of-the-funnel (TOFL) B2B pitch deck that both logically and emotionally resonates with Drift’s new segment of buyers: enterprise customers. Inspire action in readers to learn more via visual storytelling and guide the target audience into understanding how Drift will not only fit in, but bring value immediately.

Note: this was an unpaid project in cooperation with Drift’s Head of Demand Generation. I leveraged assets from Drift’s public presentations as well as created many new slides in this myself.

April 29, 2019|1 Minutes|By Alex Rosier


Own Project End-To-End: Find Brand Assets, Explain Value Proposition, Tell Engaging Visual Story, Produce New Creative Assets


Create a pitch deck that breaks down Drift's value proposition in a visually engaging way that makes target buyers want to learn more.


See for yourself, above!

Project Commentary

This was created without any proprietary information from Drift. Interpretation of the conversational marketing landscape and synthesis of the marketing materials from Drift was my own work. Brand assets were found online here.