Casey Neistat Beme Application Campaign

April 26, 20193 MinutesBy Alex Rosier

Project Summary

On May 15, 2015, the mega famous American filmmaker / YouTuber / tech entrepreneur, Casey Neistat, announced the name of his social media startup, Beme, to his loyal fanbase online in one of his videos.

Just two days later, I uploaded this video applying to work for the company. There were no job openings, but I decided to take initiative for two reasons:


I explain this more below in ‘Project Commentary’, as this was a major breakthrough in my creative / content marketing career.

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Direct, Film, Edit, Sound Design, Promote, Produce


Get a job at Beme, own a new keyword on Google and YouTube, and potentially get Casey Neistat as a mentor.


Held the #1 position for "Beme" on both Google and YouTube for 6 months, which got about ~45,000 searches/month. Beme asked me to join them two years later.

Project Commentary

Sometimes in order to get your foot in the door you have to change things up. At the time of this video, Casey Neistat had just announced the name of his new company, Beme, on a vlog to his loyal (and growing) fanbase.

Here’s How it Went Down

The second Casey announced the name of Beme, I opened a new tab and popped in the URL. No job openings listed. DANG. In fact, there was barely any information on the company.

But I knew one thing for sure: Casey had just announced this thing called “Beme” and 300-500 thousand people were about to wonder what it is. If I was going to act, I had to act right now.

I readied my fingers to work some beautifully persuasive text via email. Then I thought, there’s no way this will ever get noticed. I had just watched Jack Ma’s talk on how to make it out there in the “real world.” And having just graduated from college, I was ready to switch things up, make mistakes, and learn from the right boss.

I consider Casey and extremely influential filmmaker in today’s generation and I was eager to pounce on the opportunity. What’s more they had Matthew Hackett, former CTO of Tumblr on their side…

So I took matters into my own hands in an attempt to get noticed.

This was created in a whirlwind of only 24 hours.

Did it work?

Yes, it worked. I’ll explain in another post how that went down.

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