Alex has content production, digital marketing, marketing automation, and growth hacking experience, with a knack for identifying opportunities and publishing successful campaigns. He has built two marketing agencies, led a major brand launch, and garnered 1M+ views for personal creative work.


After building his own digital storytelling agency to fifteen clients at twenty-two, Alex joined Accenture Interactive to learn advanced marketing technologies, business strategy, and client services. During his two years here, he helped secure a $10M international marketing deal while on a small team and helped lead a product build for technicians to collaborate on service requests post a Fortune 500 merger.

Work Style

Alex is collaborative, growth-minded, and self-starting. He is passionate about growing businesses through data-driven analysis and timely, high-impact creative.

At 15, I started my first business teaching tennis and stringing rackets. By 20, I co-founded a new way to incentivize students to get involved in their communities. By 22, I had 15 clients for digital marketing and creative content work. At 23, I was asked to work at Casey Neistat’s Beme and received the main feature in YouTube’s “Rising Artists” global product launch. Then I joined the top digital agency in the world for two years learning advanced marketing in big business and marketing automation software. Then I sold a couple client projects and built websites. Now, I’m seeking a new opportunity.

This one is permanently imprinted in my memory, like it happened yesterday.

I was 12.

I’d just set up the pitch-back in the front yard, felt the worn leather graze past my finger tips as my glove slid on, and launched the stakes in my head.

“500 ground-balls in a row, or I’m not going back inside.”

And just like that, I set my mind.

Around 6:30 PM it started to pour, and by 7:30 the sun was setting.

I grabbed a headlamp from the garage despite my mom yelling for me to come eat dinner.

But she knew there was no separating me from a goal.

She learned that when I learned to say my ABC’s at eighteen months.

And when I rode a two-wheel bike at three after a day of relentless knee-scrapes.

I don’t know what kept me out there shivering, squinting, and counting.

I’ve never known where it comes from, but it’s definitely who I am.

And I’ll bring that same trait to your team.

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Who I Am, Really

Core Values

Many entrepreneurs have underlined the importance of hiring right.
For example, New York Times best-selling business author, Patrick Lencioni said:
"If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time." - Patrick Lencioni
Brian Chesky (founder of Airbnb) also spoke about this topic at length.
According to these business leaders, hiring right means hiring a team with a common set of core values.
I want to be transparent about mine, should you choose to 'hire' me in some way. Whether you're a subscriber on YouTube, photography or video client, a potential partner, or hiring manager, this next section shares my core values and a piece of work backing it up. I hope these help you determine if I'm the right rower on the right boat for your mission.

Embrace the Adventure

Carry an attitude of gratitude, curiosity, optimism, and raw belief. "Whether you think you can or not, you're right."


Bigger Than Yourself

Make your mission to leave the world in a better place than before. The power of a team will always supersede the power of one.


Stay Hungry, Stay Patient

Be forever determined and creative in transforming bold ambitions into reality, while remaining grounded in the process.


Always Humble, Always Grateful

Just be a good, thankful, unassuming person, no matter what. All you have in the end is your character.



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